Sustainable Material - Bamboo

Bamboo Products - Natural Material Exploration

How might we make a fully use of Bamboo as a sustainable material?

Project    Serials of Bamboo products

Type     Product Design 

Context     BFA China Academy of Art


Bamboo as a sustainable and natural material can be used in our daily life not only for tooth sticks or chopsticks. In this project, I focused on this material from nature and seeking the possibilities of it.

屏幕快照 2018-01-08 下午10.20.42.png

Leaves - Beach Lounger

Bamboo grows well in Southeast Asia countries, such as Thailand, Malaysia, etc. There are many resorts and leisure places in those countries. Considering of the nature, the shape of the lounger is banana leaves. Modeled by Rhino. 

The Lounger is made up of eight large and forty thin bamboo poles. Ideally, the processing for the bamboo is hot-pressing which is low-cost and effective.

The leaves are for a range of casual occasions, especially beach, resorts etc. People could enjoy the nature and relax on the lounger.

Bamboo Shoot - Tableware

Bamboo is hallow, so in the past, people used it as cups and bowls from mother nature. It is so clean and has refreshing scent. 

The design of this product is inspired by the original shape of the bamboo shoot, consists of a plate, five bowls and a lemon juicer. So that each part can be used and stored easily in the kitchen.


屏幕快照 2018-01-08 下午10.16.17.png
屏幕快照 2018-01-08 下午10.19.24.png

Blossom - Trash Bin

There is often such a situation in our daily life: the trash bin is full, but people tend to ignore it and throw litters in until trash full out on the ground. 

Bamboo, as a green material, has short growth cycle. By making good use of it, I designed Blossom, a trash bin could communicate with people in some way. 

1) Throw the litters into the trash bin when open.

2) With the increasing volume of the trash, bamboo slappers below will be stretched, upper clappers will gradually collapse.

3) The upper clappers will close when there is no space for more trash and indicate users to take out the trash.