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PSFK offers a business intelligence platform to help brands, retailers and their partners identify and leverage innovation opportunities through a mix of trends reports, immersive events, insight-rich newsletters, custom services and on-demand research.

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    the project     

PSFK is a New York-based retail innovation research agency. Since the members increasing over the years, PSFK needs to update online services and build a more user-friendly platform for their current users and potential clients in the future. The key element PSFK is developing on the website is the PSFK toolkit that users can manage reports, track trends and customize their own team projects.
    the challenge    

PSFK has a large database of their reported trends and many users, however, there are many new features that PSFK wants to update and at the same time, align to the previous design language so that users adapt to their online PSFK tool in a short time.
    the opportunity    

PSFK will hold NYRIW (New York Retail Innovation Week) in January 2020 and will introduce the new website, especially the toolkit to the audience who will attend the events. Maintaining good service and attracting more new users are two goals of this website design.

    the audience    

PSFK works with big companies including Google, Target and Verizon, most of the current PSFK clients are people who are in a strategy-related or executive position in a company/cooperation. What the audience really needs is up-to-date trends and reports so that they can reflect the information to their plans.
Product Overview

Tablet screens
Design Process
Site Map

Working with the strategist, we went through experience mapping and card sorting. and we created the information architecture for the site's functionality.
The PSFK Brand

The "personality" of PSFK website focus on the points of: "Professional, Approachable, Upscale, Exclusive and powerful." With this in mind, I helped the team to conducted and refined the new website User Interface.
PSFK Dark Purple
PSFK Core Purple
Space Blue
Data Purple

Pewter Purple Grey
Prussian Blue

Sacramento Green
Emerald Green
Thistle Purple
"PSFK has a large database that our clients can have access to, as our database is still increasing and our members are growing steadily, we need to give our users an effective tool to manage their projects that we provided."

Avery McCaffrey, Strategist at PSFK
Who is PSFK CX IQ for?

To better understand who I was designing for, I talked with a strategist in the PSFK team asked about existing PSFK members. I found patterns in users' perceptions and tasks and aggregated my findings in the form of a persona.
User Journey

To get a better understanding of user experience for PSFK IQ members, I conducted the user journey map with a psfk strategist and figured out where design can help change some frustrating moments to more engaged experience.
CXIQ Admin Panel(CXIQ stands for Customer Experience Intelligence Quotient)

The admin panel has many functions, including getting notifications, managing resources
using toolkit, asking questions by using the solution and exploring the library.
In-Site Search with Analytical Lenses:We brought in this key feature is to help users find what they need more efficiently and also with analytical lenses will find information faster and more accurate.

Latest Trends/News/Reports:We want to inform users by showing what's happening right now in the retail industry and also let them know about the upcoming retail-related events.

Search By Category: If the search bar above is not as specific, don't worry, we brought this feature in so that users can find accurately.

Learn More: From our PSFK search database, we show most popular topics for users if they want to learn more. and let them explore more from the most recent and popular articles.
Notification Page

Get updated, get what users care about
Before: The old way of notifying PSFK members is sending out an email when we post new reports/research papers. There are some things we want to improve:

1. Users might be annoyed if we send out emails too frequently and ignore emails

2. Users care about different topics but we can not be that specific or it will take a huge amount of time to do that

3. Users might forget to go to the website to check if they're interested

After: Now instead of sending out emails, this notification part will have a cue for users when things update. And, users can check whenever they want and user can get notified about the topics they choose to track or interested in.

Track Topics, Manage Reports and Teamworks
Tracking Topics: PSFK's users are from different retail-related companies and care about a variety of topics. We brought in this key feature to help users find and follow what they really like.

Read Later/Favorite: PSFK provides a big range of retail reports and trends, users can save/like anything they care about these files so that they will not miss anything.

Customize Your Project Folders: We understand that our users usually have a lot of different client cases and most of them work in teams. So we think this feature is helpful for them to create their own ones.

Work with Teams: From our users' responses, we added this feature to the toolkit that users can share and edit with their team members. This will save them a lot of time and energy from unnecessary meetings.

Ask PSFK Questions, We Answer For You
Before: The old way of asking and answering questions is via email. However, there are some places we can do better:

1. It takes a big amount of time explaining questions/answers via multiple emails back and forth.

2. There are some answers in the existing PSFK reports but users might miss and we need to pull out for users, but we can save time and energy redoing the research for users.

After: We brought this feature in to help solve users' question in an effective way, instead of communicating via multiple emails.

1. Choose a Related Topic: Users can select from the menu which they're still confused about and type in their questions in detail. It will save both of users and PSFK a lot of time.

2. AI-Powered Chatbot: By searching from the PSFK database, our AI-powered chatbot will provide the most related answers from existing articles. If the answers are not accurate, our strategists will answer for users in a permitted time period.
Try hover on bold description below ;)
1. Search Specifically:at the PSFK library there are three steps to search and help users get what they want. First, choose the information type, then select by the categories, finally, the topics show up on the right side.

2. Trends Examples: If users want to read related trends examples, they can always expand the example to see more detail by clicking the trends. and of course, users can save what they like.

3. Change Types/Categories/Topics: Users can always change the type/category/topic based on their own needs. and it is always simple and easy. Once the user goes to the report section, they also can click the title to see more and go to the full report page.
4. Save in Reports: Users can not only save a whole reports/trends but also sentences in a report by just selecting the sentences and the folder they want them to go to.

5. Sections in a Report: According to different reports, there will be different information sections for users to read and save.

Behind the Scenes

Early Wireframes Exploring the User Experience
"I think this toolkit is not only benefiting our members but also myself, as a strategist here. It can also save me a lot of time organizing and managing reports for clients. I love it!"

Penn Whaling, Senior Strategist at PSFK
Next Steps

I have already presented this new design to the psfk leadership panel and got their approval. The feedback and comments from them are very positive. The next steps would mainly be working with psfk's development team, and I'll help as much as possible to make the final deliverables. The overall design experience with strategists is very great, we communicated constantly in a very transparent working environment which is also very important.
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