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(for non-member users)
PSFK Editorial website aims to gain more potential members and shows a thorough picture of service and products that PSFK offers. PSFK Editorial also provides limited up-to-date trends and encourages people to sign up PSFK weekly newsletter.

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    the project     

PSFK is a New York-based retail innovation research agency, their clients including Google, Facebook, Verizon etc. PSFK wants to gain more potential collaborators through their editorial website which is for non-members. I helped design the website which best showcases PSFK's service and products.
    the challenge    

PSFK's editorial website is for non-members, the biggest challenge is how we can nudge potential users to become PSFK members and reduce the frustration when people don't have access to PSFK membership resources.
    the solution    

PSFK Editorial encourages users to sign up for the weekly newsletter by showing them up-to-date report summaries. PSFK Editorial also displays the range of services and products that PSFK IQ can provide.
    the audience    

People who have a retail-related background and care about retail trends. Strategists, executives, researchers from retail companies.

Tone of Voice
PSFK Editorial is:
Cutting edge
PSFK Editorial is not:
Product Overview
Mobile Version
Design Process
Site Map

Working with the strategist, we went through experience mapping and card sorting. and we created the information architecture for the site's functionality.
Homepage New & Old

The homepage on the left is PSFK's current homepage for all. The problem is that non-member users do not have access to PSFK's database. so when non-member clicks any page or article they are interested in, they can't read the full report which is frustration users will experience. To make the experience better for non-member users. I worked with PSFK strategists and designed the updated homepage on the right called psfk editorial, so that non-members can learn what psfk is and have access to limited reports, articles, etc. More importantly, we want users to sign up for psfk weekly newsletter so that we can have a positive and long-term relationship with our users.

- Repetitive Core Purple:

PSFK core purple color is a little repetitive and overwhelming here. There are also a lot of blank spaces that can be designed.

- Unclear Interaction:
Many services are listed here clear but scrolling is the main interaction to read through that could be unclear when people are trying to see the full services.

- Lack of Hierarchy:
The hierarchy could be more obvious here especially for the last two parts: Latest Observations&Analysis and Statistics parts.

- Experiencing Frustration:

Likewise, the message for PSFK website user is not like that it is a membership platform, so when user wants to see an example/an article they are likely to experience frustration when they can't.

+ PSFK Core Purple As an Iconic Color:

Using a different color palette, adding a dark grey to balance the purple and green components visually.

+ Setting a Clear Goal for First-time Users:
The main goal here is to get first-time users to subscribe PSFK weekly newsletter. To achieve that, we add two sign up newsletter sections at the home page to nudge users.

+ Hierarchy:
The menu at the top has five main parts: News, Expert Insights, Reports, Events and About, users browse what they like by clicking at each section. Then users can scroll down to see highlighted articles, latest trends and messages by different categories.

+ Limited Free Articles for Non-members:

To avoid frustration for first-time users, PSFK editorial provides people with limited free articles and a peek of the latest trends, which is also to encourage users to sign up PSFK newsletter and become a member.
User Journey

To create a better and sustainable experience for non-member users especially for whom haven't heard about psfk, I conducted the user journey map with a psfk strategist and figured out where design can help change some frustrating moments to more engaged experience.
Homepage In-detail
Trends Highlight: psfk Editorial's homepage highlights and updates trends for users who are seeking and keeping up with the newest retail information.

Articles by Category: There are trendy articles that psfk editors picked and listed by category so that users can read them more efficiently.

Weekly Newsletter Sign-up: The sign-up sector is the most important that psfk encourages users to get the weekly newsletter produced by psfk.

Upcoming Events: psfk holds retail-related events throughout a year, so the events section shows users upcoming events if they would be interested and participate.

Editor's Pick: If those articles above are not enough for users, psfk also provides editor's picks for them.
About Page
PSFK IQ: This platform is only for PSFK members who purchased services and have access to PSFK database as well as a toolkit.

PSFK Labs: Labs produces analysis and customizable reports and also provides PSFK members personal retail trends if they ask.

New York Retail Innovation Week: This event is the most important one that PSFK holds with other reliable brands/agencies/platforms such as Nike, SONY and Anomaly. There are retail tours, speeches given by experts, discussions During the NYRIW.

The Founder: Introduce PSFK founder Piers Fawkes and his personal website to people and aim to build a more reliable connection.
Current Service Page  - Reports

- Overwhelming:
PSFK has a large retail research report database, however, the design here is a little bit overwhelming.

- Frustration for Non-members: The window at the bottom right will pop up if the user is trying to read reports they're interested in, but the window stops users and this is likely to cause frustration without any clue.

- Unclear Categories: There is confusion between Major Research Reports and Research Papers. The design here could be more distinctive.
New Service Pages
1. News: PSFK editorial picks valuable news and users can read by category. Here are three main categories: Culture, Brand and Experience.

2. Expert Insights: PSFK Labs interview with experts in the retail industry and update case studies on a regular basis. Here, non-members can read some of the case studies at the Expert Insights page.

3. Events: PSFK holds/co-holds retail events throughout a year besides New York Retail Innovation Week, users can also see the most up-to-date events on this page.

4.Reports: PSFK reports provide users a broad scale of retail information that PSFK expertise in. Highlights including city guides, major research reports and research papers.
    PSFK Editorial for Non-members:    

The website helps gain the knowledge of what PSFK is and what services PSFK provides. It also allows users to get the limited articles that PSFK experts conducted. The main goal here is to get people to sign up for PSFK weekly newsletter and become PSFK members if possible.
    PSFK IQ (the Page for Members Login):    

Once the user is interested in becoming a PSFK member, by clicking PSFK IQ Professional Login or any button that leads to PSFK IQ page they will learn more about the company's clients, pricing etc. And this page is also for members to login.
    PSFK IQ (for Members):    

Once they become a PSFK member and logged in the PSFK IQ, the user can now have unlimited access to PSFK's database and have the ability to manage their projects with PSFK toolkit for their businesses.
Next Steps

What Did I Learn From This Project
1. PSFK has assigned this new design to the development team and they are working on updating the website currently. The PSFK editorial will be available soon. and there will still be some small design updates/tweaks to make along with the development.

2. This project taught me that membership services should not be a frustrating experience for non-members. We are not designing an obstacle to strangers but making members feel more unique. This is important because it requires good design decisions at the beginning.

3. Likewise, Making the exclusive services more valuable and worth-paying should also be considered at the PSFK editorial homepage. Not to give away to much surprise but also making the information exciting enough.

4. The design languages we use should be distinguished but also fit in the same system. PSFK as a company that has a modern and clear brand language, but conveying this to different websites is important.
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