Poly Pay

a Financial Management Application for Polyamorists

Scope: 2 months
Categories: UX strategy, Concept Ideation, Service Design, Prototyping, User Research Role: Solo project. desk research, affinity map, user interviews, wireframe and prototype.
Tools:  Sketch, Flinto, Adobe Illustrator




Money is one of the biggest causes of conflicts in relationships, with more than two involved, it gets even more complicated. For polyamorists, there is lack of transparency, extra layer of complexity and lack of accessibility.


Poly Pay is a digital platform that assists polyamorists with creating shared financial accounts, offering a simpler, more effective and overall better management plan. It creates a shared money pool for each polycule, allowing individual members to deposit money in order to pay off utilities, rent and other necessities. It visualizes each partner’s spending by displaying percentages.



Polyamorists need to have constant financial interactions with their partners, however, while couples can have a joint bank account easily, there is no financial management applications for polyamorists to have a shared digital account with their partners.


Polyamorists who have multiple partners and need to share their finances constantly.



How might we make financial management easier and more transparent in polycules?


Design Process


The Solution | How it Works


OnBoarding Screens

  • Getting to know the key features of the app.
    Poly Pay collaborates with Chase Bank, to make it easier for polyamorists.

  • Poly Pay offers with best services from polyamory-friendly brands.

  • Poly Pay visualizes the spendings and contribution in the polycule.


Join a Polycule

  • Polycule Invitation Code: Users can join a polycule by using an invitation code or start a new polycule themselves.

  • Link to a Bank Account: To have an access to the shared digital pool, users need to link their account to their bank.

  • Set Goals & Contributions: Poly Pay encourages users to have common goals and save for their goals. Also, users can set their contribution by themselves.

  • Confirmation: After finishing the following steps, users can join their polycule, and start the journey with their partner(s).


Key Features

  • Total Disposable Balance: Users will be able to see how much money they can spend together with partner(s).

  • Functions: There are management functions like deposit, withdraw money. but it’s worth paying attention that the function called REDEEM, which users can set things they can do to this polycule as a way to redeem money.

  • Partner(s) Information: User can see how many people in the polycule and their basic information and contribution.

  • Services: There are many polyamory-friendly brands collaborates with Poly Pay, therefore, users can have access to these services.


Competitive Analysis

I conducted an overall competitive analysis to learn more about the current financial applications. There are plenty of it, however, they are mostly designed for personal purposes or transactions.



Next Steps | Business Plan