Mood + Melody = Moolody

Project     Moolody -- Life Composed

Type        Interaction Design / Product Design / UI & UX

Context   MFA Products of Design, School of Visual Arts



Moolody is a series of products including an app, a home art installation, and a phone case. The system helps young people track their mood in daily life by translating their daily ups and downs into musical notes and then using those notes to play a melody.

With two kinds of physical products, an art installation and a phone case, users can both hear and see their emotions, creating an outward display that can help them manage inward feelings.


Created by: Yangying Ye and Zihan Chen with special thanks to Michael Chung

屏幕快照 2017-10-30 下午3.34.52.png


If the user chooses, Moolody can function on its own without any physical add-ons. Users can also specify what genre of music they prefer to combine with their mood notes, and play their emotions with a full backing track. Moolody bridges the physical and digital spaces by using both a phone case and an art instillation to display a user’s mood. These smart devices connect to the app and allow for individuals or families share their feelings with one another. Additionally, an individual’s Moolody can connect to a family member’s and construct “family melodies” that be played back in the home after a long day.



This project started with the trivial problem of counting things; it’s a process that annoys me on a regular basis. From there, 100 sketches were drawn and 3 prototypes were created. The focus then shifted to be on mood and motion visualization, and how to make them audible and manageable. The next step was to create two potential brands with storyboards and simple app designs. Then, three collaborations were mapped out with the following companies: Warner Music Group, NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health) and The Lawrenceville School.

The creation of two mobile apps, one good and one evil, manifested two very different ways that they underlying foundations of Moolody could be used. Finally, three public campaigns were created to engage users in unique ways that would expand Moolody’s potential value.


Moolody  comes  along  the  design  journey  starting  at  "Counting  things  hurt  me  is  a  total  disaster"

100 sketches - 3 initial prototypes - 2 apps (good & evil) - refined prototype - 3 business collaborations - refined app - 3 campaigns - final products