"Ideas do not disappear suddenly, but fade away gradually."

Project     LIDEA -- Light up you ideas

Type         UI & UX / Conceptual Design / Product design

Context   MFA Products of Design, School of Visual Arts

Design the life you love

Deconstruction of mine: Even though this is the work I love, living in a foreign environment, I am curious and struggled with cultural difference and yet enriched with so many input. To be extraordinary could help me achieve my goals. I can’t live without freedom and I need to be creative!


It's all about ideas!


As a designer, we can't live without creativity. Ideas often pop up in our mind when we are sightseeing, listening to music etc. But how can do we fully grip every good idea and evolve it to the final product? To answer this question, I interviewed some designers about what would they do if an idea pop up in your mind? Where they usually put there ideas? How often will they review your ideas? and how many products finally worked out from those ideas they put down? 

It is interesting to notice that more than 70% of them will put on their phone or notebook immediately. But they would not go back to check their ideas regularly, only around 5% products are worked out of ideas they put down. So how might we push great ideas further and work them out?


Lidea is an app that helps users collect ideas digitally and encourage users to push their initial ideas further.


Light up your ideas

As for the physical object is a board of lights connected with the app. By featuring six good ideas, the light will light up accordingly at first but each of the light will get dimmer gradually which means the idea is been forgotten to indicates the user to review and push their ides further.   

Materials: Acrylic, Arduino, LED lights